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Design Programs

Discover the top three Adobe programs and use them to cultivate your own unique style.

  • Adobe Photoshop: Learn the secret behind great imagery! Manipulate, edit, and combine photos to capture the perfect look.

  • Adobe InDesign: Design layout that's easy to navigate, using automated tools such as styles and master pages.

  • Adobe Illustrator: Create logos and format drawings using the varied and powerful options that this program provides.

Design Theory

Acquire the principles of design creation.

  • Typography

    Understand the anatomy of a typeface, learn about different font styles, and know when to employ which fonts.

  • Gestalt Theory

    Understand how we process information and the effects that has on our usage of symmetry, contrast and grids.

  • Color Theory

    Understand the science behind colors, how they make us think and feel, and how they can be used to elevate and embolden your design.

Design Process

Ace it from beginning to end!

So you've got the talent and know-how. Now what? Great design follows a clear system from start to completion. Cut out the guesswork and learn how to see your projects through following clear and easy steps. Learn how to brainstorm, conduct industry research, and sketch (even if you can't draw!)
Rachel Gabbay

I take on dozens of projects at a time and it’s all due to this truly fun and thorough course!

Rachel Gabbay

Stuck in a job I hated, I started to explore my options and found Chaya. Her amazing skills as a teacher guided me to my new career, and now I am doing something I love! I take on dozens of projects at a time and it’s all due to this truly fun and thorough course!
Shoshana Reich

It touched on practically all parts of graphic design

Shoshana Reich

This course was amazing in me all I needed to springboard into the graphics field as a professional. It touched on practically all parts of graphic design including the design process and the more technical. I really feel that this course can give one all they need to start the graphic design journey.
Shiffy Krupenia

Professional Standard taught me how to think "out of the box" and work with confidence

Shiffy Krupenia

“...It’s not only about knowing how to use the programs, it’s about understanding the design process- Professional Standard taught me how to think "out of the box" and work with confidence.”
Devorah Ehrlich

Knowledgeable, fun, and productive graphics course!

Devorah Ehrlich

Thank you so much for such a knowledgeable, fun, and productive graphics course! I gained so much from it and the credit goes to you! I'm so happy I stayed for the extension course:) It was so interesting and I gained so much from it!

Course Details

Benefit from the mentorship of Chaya Murik, an unparalleled expert in graphic design, while acquiring the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience essential for your future career. Enjoy learning alongside like-minded peers, and sharing feedback and critique within the group. Graduate with the tools and confidence you’ll need to launch and lead a successful career in graphic design.

  • 60+ hours of project based learning including the principles of Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop.

  • 2 classes a week, 2 hours each.

  • Timing doesn't work for you? Talk to us about the flexible schedule of recordings + 1 and 1 mentoring

  • Guidance from a leading industry expert

  • Full recordings are available after each session, so you never miss a class.

  • PLUS: Workbook and 50 lifetime reference clips

  • Graduate with a complete brand showcasing your skills, including a personal logo, business cards, website and resume.

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Module I: The Practice Project

The first project is a 24-page booklet based on your newfound skills in Photoshop and Indesign. You will end the module with a full-color, beautiful first piece for your growing portfolio.

Module II: The Identity Project

The Identity Project starts with a chosen brief that gives you the information you need to create a unique design logo and letterhead for an imaginary company. You will learn the ins and outs of dealing with clients and how to go from a spark of an idea to a fully interactive designed system created with  Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. 

Module III: The Brochure Project

You will receive a  brief with all pertinent information and will be tasked with creating the ultimate brochure. You will learn all about the ‘behind the scenes’ parts of graphic design including finding inspiration, visual hierarchy, layout and how to work on a grid. 

Module IV: The Independent Project

The last project is an independent study done almost exclusively by the student based on either a real or imagined company. You can create practically anything - be it product packaging or an advertising campaing... whatever it is that will show off your design skills and make your client truly happy! 

Bonus Content! Module V

Everything Chaya wished she learned in design school, but didn’t!
Jumpstart your career with secrets from an industry master! Gain access to all of Chaya’s tricks and tips that she learned during her 10+ years of experience in the field. 

  • Create your killer portfolio website

  • Design your very own logo, business card and branding

  • Acquire tools for winning over clients and finding success in the workplace

At the end of it all, you will have a thorough understanding of how the programs work, how to breathe life into the smallest ideas, how market yourself, how to solve your client’s problems, and most of all, be confident in your work! The work you leave this course with is your beginner portfolio. Take it and grow it into something even bigger! 

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