Graphic Design Extension Course

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Create three professional-level projects under the tutelage of Chaya Murik, using your knowledge of Adobe inDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

  • Advertising Project

  • Book Cover Project

  • Packaging Project

  • Extra: Book Typesetting Project

Advertising Project

Create an advertising campaign for a non-profit cause.

While ad creation often conjures up images of a haphazard process involving an influx of divine inspiration and creative juices, the reality is that there is a clear and constructive system. There is  precise method to conquer the madness. Starting with an exploration of 17 ad strategies, you will select a method and refine your strategy to create an underlying big idea for your ad campaign. Once your concept is refined you will design a series of variations along with a number of resizes for a variety of media formats.

Take a look at the campaign above. Student Elana Kraut created a fictitious campaign depicting the importance of having teens read during their daily commute to school. Her ads featured children reading on subway seats, with their imaginations vividly portrayed on the subway window. The strategy she employed was both disruptive and inspiring, an the strategic placement of her ads ensured that they would reach her projected target audience.  (see above)

Tasked with conveying the urgency of wildlife preservation, student Elisheva Small created a series of ads that were both eye-catching and thought-provoking. Elisheva further developed her brilliant concept into specialized variations based on their placement - her billboards featured large text and few details, whereas her magazine ads included supplemental information and additional graphics. (see below)

Print ads campaign: Includes a minimum of 3 ads

  • Digital Ads:   Adjust the campaign for Google ads and social media 
  • Billboard:   Create a billboard design and learn how to prepare it for print
  • Market Research Concentration: Market research and concepting

Chana Abramowitz

Guest Teacher

Chana Abramowitz is  an Award-winning designer, she has over 15 years of art direction (graphic, web, and mobile) experience at both pharma and consumer ad agencies, working for clients such as Colgate, Varilux Lenses and The Helen Keller Foundation. Chana is excited to share her knowledge and guide you through the process of ad conceptualization and execution.

Nichy Silber

Guest Teacher

Using 3d Design Elements

With Nichy Silber

The one and only Nichy Silber, (the designer behind the ads right above and this Waldorf ad!) will be teaching a module on 3D design, using the basics of using 3d elements in Adobe Dimensions. Few designers have mastered using 3D design elements, quite like Nichy, and she’s gonna share her skills in this course.

Packaging Project

Create a packaging design for food in two flavors or variations

Did you know - the average consumer spends less than 3 seconds deciding which product to purchase? Designers tasked with product design must do their utmost to ensure their work is compellingly irresistible, and technically well-suited for the specific product at hand. 

From brief to shelf, this module will take you through every step of product design, including, discovery, development, creation and production, ensuring that your work will truly work, pop, - and sell! 


Student work:

Bryna Garbaz created a series of boxes for a line of boutique baked goods, called Batter & Dough. Since the product would be sold face-to-face only, there was no need to visually compete with other products on the shelf. Instead, the goal became to create an emotionally connected experience, so that Batter & Dough would invoke feelings of personal care and good times, along with great taste. Shevy Gartner accomplished this using warm tones and bold patterns, mimicking a curated style for a truly unique and pampering feel. (see below)


Elisheva Cohen developed a box design for a telescope that would be sold on Amazon. Elisheva closely adhered to printing guidelines, ensuring her design was properly converted into the required one color mode. Elisheva worked to achieve a balance of clarity and creativity, ensuring that her box met technical standards, with enough appeal to stand out amongst a crowded field of countless competing products. (see below) 

Design two complete products. 

Product one - work within a pizza box template to gain familiarity with die lines and template functionality 

Product two - work with the product of your choice to create a line of appealing and exciting packaging designs, with a minimum of 2 variations or flavors 

Concentration: Technical design strategy, consumer-based design

Book Cover

Redesign a previously-published book, including the spine, front cover, and back cover

Informative yet intriguing, the making of an attractive book-cover isn't a simple as it seems! Learn how to create covers that are industry appropriate without appearing cliche, through the use of pictorial or typographic style. Format a front cover, back cover and spine that complies with technical requirements while still being creative and standing out on the shelf.

Rayzel Broyde

Guest Teacher

As the art director of Mosaica Press, Rayzel is the mastermind behind the design and production of today’s greatest books. Rayzel will address topics such as designing for the masses in an out-of-the-box fashion, and how to create a cover that will both resonate and impress.

Bonus Unit!

Learn the secrets of typesetting

Guest Teacher

Raphaël Freeman

Guest Teacher

An expert typesetter who has revolutionized the design world with his Hebrew fonts, Refael is excited to share his expertise in the technical aspects of typography and layout design. In this unit you will be formatting a manuscript.
by Simcha Korlnick

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by Simcha Korlnick

I really enjoyed the extension course at Professional Standards Design School. It was so interesting to learn from different people and to hear about the field they are specialized in. I learned a lot of new things and feel confident to use those tools in my graphic work.

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