What is UX/ UI?

As a UX / UI designer you'll build apps and websites from the bottom up. Using a thorough understanding of the human behaviors that drive our choices, you'll create interfaces that are easy to navigate and look great! Choose where to place buttons and drop-downs, design menus, and structure user flow to maximize growth potential. Once your prototypes are in place, you'll have fun designing the face of your wireframes so that they'll look as great as they work. Finally, you'll send your masterpiece off to a programmer to make it live. Voila! 

  • Fastest and best paying field in the graphic design industry

  • Real to life project based learning

  • Learn the Software, but most importantly the process

Learn from the best!

Miriam Issac UX/UI designer

Miriam, is a passionate, data-driven, human-centric product designer. Over the past 8 years, she's worked for a range of different companies and industries including a Fortune 200. Miriam creates and designs digital items, turning numbers and ideas into tangible, feasible, and stunning products. She was nominated as one of the top 18 UX designers by Instagram in 2019. Miriam was also nominated as one of the top 8 Women in Tech. Miriam is passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of UX/UI designers.

Course Projects

Create three projects under Miriam's direction, using Adobe XD - the leading software for UX / UI design. Gain understanding of the fundamentals and theory behind the UX / UI process. Graduate with a portfolio to be proud of, along with the skills and knowledge you need to begin a successful and lucrative career.

  • App Design

    Create a complete user flow within a simple app (fitness, recipe or banking).. Create a complete user flow within a simple app. Form the structure of the user experience, and then design the interface, based on the hardcore science of how viewers think, feel and act. Throughout this project you will acquire the basis of forming an app for the industry of your choice (banking, fitness, culinary) etc.

  • Dashboard

    Design a dashboard that will enable users to login and view whatever information they need at a single glance. Throughout this project you will work to form a visual balance and maintain proper hierarchy within a small amount of space.

  • Responsive website

    Incorporate the principles of UX UI design into a simple website (up to 4 pages) that can be used in desktop, tabular and mobile form. Throughout this project you will gain the foundational skills needed to create a basic e-commerce site for companies who are ready to build from the bottom up.

Working on these projects, you'll also...

  • Define a client’s problems and goals

  • Collect and analyze research and data

  • Conduct usability testing and define improvements

The Details...

Live Online Classes. 30 classes, 2 hours each, twice a week

  • Live Online Classes, 30 classes 2 Hours each, 2x a weeks

  • 60+ hours of project based learning including the principles of Adobe XD

  • Guidance from a leading industry expert

  • Full recordings are available after each session, so you never miss a class.

  • Real to life project based learning

Did you know?

UX/UI is the highest paying career within the design industry. Register now for the Early Bird Special. Limited Space. Please contact us before registering.